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Silver Diamine Fluoride

An FDA-approved breakthrough therapy for stopping the growth of existing cavities.
A Digital Panoramic Dental X-ray Machine

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital x-rays reduce radiation and provide instant, high-definition results.
A Photo Of A Smile With Healthy Gums

Gum Disease

Many adults currently have some form of gum disease. Find out what causes gum disease and what you can do to prevent it.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning can help prevent cavities, tartar build-up and gum disease.

Tooth Decay

Fix cavities and restore broken-down teeth to their original beauty.
A Man Receiving A Dental Exam

Dental Exams

Regular professional examinations can catch problems before they become serious.

Cavity Fillings

Fillings restore the appearance and strength of damaged teeth.
Smiling Couple With Great Teeth

Tooth Replacement

Replacing missing teeth can restore your smile and prevent further problems.


Restore the natural look of your smile and chew with confidence.

Crowns and Bridges

Restore the look and function of damaged teeth.
Smiling Man

Root Canal Treatment

Fix a painful, infected tooth and restore its natural appearance.
A Sleeping Woman

Clenching and Grinding Teeth (Bruxism)

Find out what you can do about grinding your teeth.
Tongue Tie - Before

Tongue-Tie (Ankyloglossia)

Correcting tongue-tie early can dramatically reduce the probability of serious dental or speech issues.
Smiling Woman

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Have your wisdom teeth removed safely and professionally.
Tooth Pain

Laser Cold and Canker Sore Treatment

Heal cold and canker sores quickly, painlessly and effectively.
Man Smiling After A Successful Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions

Have a problem tooth extracted professionally.
Bad Breath

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Find out what's causing your bad breath and get professional help.
A Bright White Smile

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can achieve great results in very little time.
Great Smile - Picture Of Smiling Woman

Dental Bonding

Improve the appearance of your teeth with a simple cosmetic procedure.

Cavity Fillings

Fillings restore the appearance and strength of damaged teeth.
Smiling Couple With Great Teeth

Tooth Replacement

Replacing missing teeth can restore your smile and prevent further problems.


Restore the natural look of your smile and chew with confidence.

Crowns and Bridges

Restore the look and function of damaged teeth.
Dental Implants - Photo Of Smiling Couple


One of the most effective ways to replace a missing tooth.

Porcelain Veneers

Improve the appearance of teeth that are stained, damaged, or appear too small or crooked.
Certified Invisalign Provider - Vaughan

Invisalign® Clear Braces

Clear, removable aligners are a discreet and convenient way to straighten your smile.
Six Month Smiles Certified Provider - Richmond Hill

Clear Six Month Smiles® Braces

Get straight teeth in as little as six months with Six Month Smiles clear braces.
Gum Contouring

Laser Gum Contouring

Gum contouring can even out your gum line and improve your smile.
Bad Breath

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Find out what's causing your bad breath and get professional help.

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  1. Hello – I am just wondering whether I can still wear a clear retainer at night to keep my teeth straight, if there are gaps between the teeth and tray ? I believe the term is incisal gaps. I have a permanent retainer already/finished treatment a long time ago, but because my permanent retainer has been redone there are now gaps with the plastic retainer. Thanks

    1. Hi Alicia, sorry for the late reply; we didn’t see your comment until now due to a technical glitch.
      We’d ideally like to see an exact fit of the clear retainer to your teeth. Consider taking a new impression of you teeth for a new clear retainer. You may have to do that every time you have some major dental work done.

  2. Hello, i have a swollen bump in my third wisdom tooth ( pericoronitis ) which is feeling extremely itchy right now and i have difficulties in eating.

    I did not have any fever, only some severe headache and the next day i had this pericoronitis symptom

    How do i treat this symptom, and how do i know of it is in serious or mild conditions according to my statement above.

    1. Hi Voez, pericoronitis could potentially become very painful in a very short time, or it could potentially go away on its own after some discomfort. Although you don’t have a fever, the bump and severe headache is definitely a concern. Please visit a dentist as soon as you can. You may need professional treatment such as prescription antimicrobial mouth rinse or extraction.

  3. I got a cavity filled a couple months ago and had to go back multiple time to get it sanded down right because my bite was off and it was causing pain. I also had sensitivity in different area and before I went to the dentist I looked at the sensitive tooth and in the crevasse was a black spot. I ask the dentist to look to see if he could see anything and he said he didn’t see anything but to be safe he did an x ray and said nothing was there. I switched to sensidine tooth paste and the pain went away but the black spot is still there. I guess I’m kind of wondering what the chances of having a cavity there is? and could it be something else?

    1. Hi Mary, the black spot could be just a stain, or a precursor to a cavity which requires monitoring only, or a full cavity which requires treatment. Unfortunately, there’s no way to provide you with a reliable diagnosis without a physical examination of your tooth. Regular checkups with your dentist to monitor the dark spot and all of your other teeth is probably your best option.

  4. I had braces for around 4 years and that caused a lot of cavities in many of my teeth. The cavities have been filled now but now i want to get my teeth whitened. So will those cavities allow me to whiten my teeth? And also is the back side of the teeth whitened or is it just the anterior aspect of teeth that is whitened?

    1. Hi Ted, keep in mind that fillings, root canal treated teeth, crowns, bridges and veneers do not change color with whitening; only your natural teeth do. If your fillings’ shade are a perfect match for your existing tooth color, they may appear to be more yellow compared to your teeth after whitening. Usually, it is more noticeable for the front teeth than the back molars. It is possible to change the fillings to match your teeth after whitening if the difference is very noticeable.

      Whitening is usually done for the anterior aspect of the teeth since that’s the side you normally see. Bleaching the back side of your teeth will only impress your dentist or hygienist, since they are the only ones who usually get to see that side of your teeth. 🙂

  5. I got a PFM crown on my tooth #22, 12 months ago. After this crown I had some growth on my papilla and my tongue touches this upper wall of inside mouth and I get constant slimy feeling. I have got this checked from many dentists, nobody was able to cure this issue. One dentist advised to excise this palatal papilla.

    1. Hi Farooq, unfortunately, it’s not possible to provide you with much insight regarding your crown without an actual physical examination. If the overgrown papilla is your main concern, a visit to a gum specialist (a periodontist) may help.

  6. Hey, So Doc I have a underbite like barley noticeable and I am wondering if it’s a necessary to fix it like I was having to plan jaw surgery but then my orthodontist suggested something else an implant procedure which won’t correct it 100% but a little but my hygienist said I should do the surgery or I’ll have problems later on but my orthodontist said that people go through life without any problems with underbite so what do I do?

    1. Hi Ismail, I understand this is a tough decision to make. I have many older patients with crossbite/underbite that don’t have any issues with their teeth. On the other hand, in some cases teeth are more likely to experience gum recession down the road due to underbite. I have also seen patients with severe underbite going through with the surgery and it being a life changing experience for them.

      The surgery involves the sectioning of the lower jaw bones, re-positioning the jaw bones, and holding them in place with metal plates and screws. Braces are required both before and after the surgery to make sure the teeth are in the correct position after the surgery. The recovery period is long and difficult, and patients are typically on a liquid food diet and pain killers and not able to speak and work for a period of time. There is also a risk of nerve damage to the tongue, cheek, or lips, or damage to the roots of the teeth. For a surgery like this, you really have to look at the potential risks vs the benefits you expect to gain. If you’re still unsure, you can always seek a second opinion (from another orthodontist). Best of luck with your decision!

  7. Hi. I had a wisdom tooth removed yesterday. During the freezing injection, I could feel novacaine spray onto my tongue. Although the freezing in my gums went away within hours, I can still feel all the spots on my tongue that were sprayed are still frozen. Is this normal and/or is there anything I should do at this point?

    1. Hi Glenda, the roots of a wisdom tooth are sometimes located close to the nerve of the tongue. During the injection and/or removal of the wisdom tooth, the nerve may become slightly bruised or damaged. It is a common potential risk associated with wisdom tooth extraction. In most cases, a loss of sensation will diminish over time, but in some rare cases can be permanent. Please contact your dentist or oral surgeon’s office to report the numbness in your tongue if the sensation has not returned.

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