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How does teeth whitening work?
A bright white smile

There are several ways to increase the brightness of your teeth.  The first should always be to have your teeth cleaned by a dental professional, which will remove surface stains from tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco, as well as tartar build-up from your teeth.

Once these surface imperfections have been removed, the next step is to whiten the natural shade of your teeth, which can be done by applying a whitening agent.  The whitening agent typically consists of bleaching chemicals that seep into the tooth enamel and set off an oxidation reaction that breaks apart the coloured compounds in your teeth, increasing their “whiteness”.

What's the difference between teeth whitening at the dentist and over-the-counter whitening products?

Home whitening products, such as Crest Whitestrips, are typically not as strong as those administered by dental professionals.  When compared with professional whitening solutions, home use products may require additional time and applications and may not whiten teeth by as many shades.

Whitening products administered by a dental professional can also be divided into two categories: solutions that are applied in-office under direct supervision of a dental professional, and those that are provided for take-home use.  Solutions that are applied in-office are the strongest and whiten teeth significantly in the shortest period of time.  Those that are provided for take-home use are also strong, but designed for overnight application using a tray that is custom-fitted for your teeth.

Does my insurance cover teeth whitening?

Coverage will vary from policy to policy, but cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening are typically not covered.  We can assess your coverage when you come in for an appointment or free consultation.

Do you have any promotions/coupons for teeth whitening?

Yes!  We offer free teeth whitening when you book a comprehensive dental exam with x-rays and a cleaning (which is typically covered by most dental insurance plans).  See our promotions page for details!

Special Offers/Coupons

A bright white smile

Free Teeth Whitening!

Book a comprehensive dental exam with x-rays and a cleaning and receive professional teeth whitening (a $200 value)!

Our teeth whitening system uses an impression of your actual teeth to ensure even whitening and is only available from a dental professional.  Book your appointment today!

Offer valid until M 28, Y.  Offer valid for current ODA fee guide patients only.  Cannot be combined with any other discount.  Also available for new patient exams - refer a friend - they get free whitening and you get free movie tickets!

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  1. hey there, I was interested in a new patient exam with free whitening. Could you tell me the total price I will be paying, I know I will need about 3 units of cleaning

    1. Hi Ashly, thanks for your inquiry! We’ve forwarded an estimate to you via email. Please let us know if you have any questions about it or would like to book an appointment.

  2. Hi, I would like to know the total cost of the new patient exam (x-rays and cleaning) to get the free teeth whitening as well. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Bruno, thank you for your inquiry! Our office coordinator will email you directly with the pricing details!

  3. Hi, I have dental fluorosis on my front tooth that is an aesthetic problem. I’ve found out about enamel micro-abrasion, and the pictures of the results look stunning. I am wondering if this is a common procedure I will be able to receive from anywhere or if I will have to travel to get this done, it’s typical price and if insurance will cover some of the fee based on my circumstances. Thank you

    1. Hi Anna, white or brown spots caused by dental fluorosis are an aesthetic issue for many people. In the past, the only options were to do nothing or to drill out the white spot and replace it with a white filling, which may need to be replaced from time to time due to staining and wear.

      Now there is a treatment called Icon for white spots. The procedure involves roughing the surface slightly (without drilling away any healthy tooth structure), acid etching to open up the pores of the enamel surface, and applying a liquid filling material so the white spot matches the healthy portion of your remaining tooth. Please see this link for more details and before after pictures:

      Our clinic in Thornhill recently introduced Icon treatment for our patients with some fantastic results. Although results vary depending on how deep the effect of fluorosis is, everyone that received treatment has noticed a significant improvement. The price varies depending on the tooth involved and other factors; if you’re in or near the Greater Toronto Area, you can call us at 905-707-8008 or email us at [email protected] to book an exam to see if Icon could work for you. When you come in we’ll be able to give you a quote and check with your insurance to see if the treatment is covered.

  4. Will a light activated treatment that utilizes an LED light as a catalyst to activate the carbamide peroxide gel give you as good results as hydrogen peroxide?

    1. Hi Aliesha, Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are both very effective whitening agents; we offer both to our patients. Carbamide peroxide contains hydrogen peroxide at a ratio of 1:3. Therefore a product with 30% carbamide peroxide is equivalent to a product with 10% hydrogen peroxide. A study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association showed that while carbamide peroxide appeared to produce slightly more dramatic results at first, there was no significant difference between products with regard to tooth lightness with equivalent amounts of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

      LED light tends to have a drying effect on teeth; drier teeth will appear to be whiter initially, but the effect doesn’t last long due the constant presence of saliva in our mouths.

      When you are comparing the effectiveness of whitening products, the main thing to look for is the concentration of the active whitening agent(s). It’s also important to evaluate the overall health of your teeth and gums prior to starting treatment, and if you’re planning a DIY (do-it-yourself) treatment, be sure the products you use come from a reputable source and follow all product directions carefully.

  5. I’m 15 i have a discolored tooth caused by trauma. I was wondering what is the minimum age for a patient to get a root canal and get the tooth internal bleached.

    1. Hi Timothy, there is no minimum age for a root canal treatment. If your dentist has done testing and determined that the nerve inside the tooth has died from the trauma, then you would require a root canal treatment. Internal bleaching will have fewer complications if it is done on mature roots that have developed fully before the root canal treatment. In the event that the tooth has sustained trauma and the majority of the nerve is still alive inside the tooth, it is best to wait for the root to mature for as long as possible to see if a root canal treatment is necessary.

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