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Why consider tooth replacement?
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When a tooth or several teeth are lost prematurely due to decay, fracture or gum disease, a gap is formed between adjacent teeth. When the gap not filled, the surrounding teeth may shift into the open gap, changing the appearance of your smile or resulting in teeth that are out of alignment.  A missing tooth may also place additional stress on the rest of the teeth and the jaw joint (TMJ) and cause oral health problems that require more extensive oral rehabilitation or cosmetic dentistry.  Missing teeth will also lead to bone loss in the jaw.

How can I get a tooth replaced?

There are several methods of tooth replacement available.  Learn more about each below:

  • Dental Implants – An implant “post” is inserted into the jaw bone,  and a crown placed on top.  Implants are the most conservative tooth replacement option. It is the only option that helps to prevent further bone loss.
  • Bridges – A bridge is made of several crowns linked together. Crown are cemented permanently on the tooth/teeth in front of the gap and behind the gap to help support the missing tooth/teeth. Although a bridge does not prevent bone loss, it is a good option for those patients for whom dental implants are not possible and for those who do not want a removable appliance.
  • Dentures – One or more replacement teeth are supported by a frame that is removable, and supported by other teeth or gums. Dentures can also be supported by implants for additional support.
What is the best way to replace my missing tooth/ teeth?

Implants are the most conservative tooth replacement option.  However, depending on other factors, you may not be a candidate for implants.  Call or email for a free consultation to help you determine the best way to replace your teeth and to help you eat and smile with confidence again.

Does my insurance cover tooth replacement?

Coverage will vary policy to policy.  We can review your policy with you and confirm what is covered when you come in for an appointment or free consultation.

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