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What is laser cold sore and canker sore treatment?
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Traditional treatment for cold and canker sores involves the application of topical medications that are often not very effective.  With advances in soft-tissue laser technology, dentists are now able to accelerate the healing of cold and canker sores by applying painless laser energy to the area.

When applied to canker sores, laser treatment helps to modulate inflammatory responses, reduce pain and promote tissue regeneration.

When applied to cold sores, laser treatment helps to reduce virus count, reduce pain and increase the interval between recurrences.

There are typically no side effects to laser cold or canker sore treatment.

Is laser cold/canker sore treatment painful? How long does it take?

Laser treatment of your cold or canker sore is completely painless, and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. Larger lesions may require a second application.

It is important that you call us within the first two to three days of the onset of symptoms for laser treatment to be effective.

Where can I learn more about laser cold sore and canker sore treatment?

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