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What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles® braces is a system of cosmetic braces that uses clear brackets and wires that are almost unnoticeable at most distances. It is meant for adult patients who do not want to go through two years of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, but would still like to improve their smile and gum health in a short period (typically 4-9 months). You can see significant results with the system in just six months!

What is involved in a typical Six Month Smiles treatment plan?
Photos below are from Dr. Li’s actual patient cases.

Six Month Smiles certified provider - Toronto
A typical Six Month Smiles treatment plan will begin with a free consultation.

If you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles treatment plan, the dentist will take photos and an impression of your teeth.  At your next visit, the clear brackets will be cemented to your teeth and the clear wires that move your teeth placed in the brackets.

Follow up appointments each month will allow the dentist to adjust the tension of the wires, which will shift your teeth into the desired positions.  When the desired results have been achieved, the brackets and wires will be removed.  You will be given a clear retainer to wear for a certain period during the day and then only at night to prevent your teeth from gradually returning to their previous positions.

Does my dental insurance cover Six Month Smiles?

Coverage will vary from policy to policy.  We can confirm your coverage (if any) when you come in for a free Six Month Smiles consultation.

Special Offers/Coupons

Smiling Girl Pointing At Her Teeth

Free whitening and retainers with your Six Month Smiles® Clear Braces!

For a limited time, receive free teeth whitening (a $150 value) for any Six Month Smiles® clear braces treatment , plus a set of clear retainer!

Come in for a free Six Month Smiles consultation and a certified professional will explain the treatment process, available options and associated costs. At the conclusion of your treatment, receive free teeth whitening to add some extra shine to your smile!

There is absolutely no obligation. Book your free consultation today!

There are no hidden fees, and no obligation. Offer valid until M 28, Y.

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  1. Hi Katherine, thanks for your inquiry! We can’t post pricing here, but we’ll follow up with you via email. 🙂

    1. Hello,

      I’m interested in 6 months treatment. Fill me up with the information & cost. Need to book fast.

      Also, I just need to fix uper teeth (gap).

      1. Hi Aman, thanks for reaching out; we’ve replied via email. Looking forward to helping you achieve a great smile!

  2. I was interested in the 6 month smiles for my bottom teeth only. How would that work and what is the cost please ? Would my insurance cover the cost ?

    1. Hi Jimi, the cost of Six Month Smiles treatment will vary greatly from case to case, so we can’t really provide pricing until you come in for a consultation. Consultations for Six Month Smiles and Invisalign braces are free! We’ll reach out to you directly via email and you can let us know if you’d like to schedule an appointment with us. Thanks for your inquiry!

    1. Hi Jonel, sorry for the late reply; we didn’t see your comment until now due to a technical glitch. Pricing of Six Month Smiles clear braces range from $3000 to $4500 depending on the complexity of the case. Please note that not everyone is a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles clear braces. Please book a free consultation with us to determine if you are a good fit.

  3. Hi There, I would like to book a free consultation with you guys to see if I am a good fit for the six months smile. Thank you!

    1. Hi Andrea, we have reached out to book your free consultation appointment for the Six Month Smiles braces. We can hardly wait to meet you and to show you what Six Month Smiles can do!

    1. Hello Dasola, Six Month Smiles clear braces cost anywhere from $3000 to $4500 depending on the complexity of the case and the length of treatment, which is typically between 4 – 9 months. Upon completion of the treatment, complimentary whitening will be done as part of our promotion. We do require 40% to be paid at the start of the treatment to help cover part of the lab fee and the initial material costs. The balance is paid in instalments over the length of treatment. Please note that not everyone is a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles clear braces. Feel free to book a free consultation with us to determine if you are a good fit.

  4. Hey, so I just got elastics in my teeth with braces and my orthodontist says that I should take them off when I got to sleep and when I wake up put the new one on but I heard if you wear them 24 hours a day including sleep you won’t wear braces that long so can I do that or is it best to follow my orthodontist instructions?

    1. Hi Ismail, it is always best to follow your orthodontist’s instructions, but you can ask that question at your next followup appointment. It’s also important that you take the elastics off whenever you’re eating and insert new elastics afterward.

  5. I am missing #3
    I use one of those clip in teeth in the place of #3.

    I find that the teeth around #3 have shifted ever so slightly and as a result I’m biting my tongue all the time.

    I’d like to move the one or two teeth that are knicking tongue My general dentist said it’s impossible (too difficult) to move one or two teeth.

    Do you agree? Could a orthodontist just make one invisilign tray or railroad trackn brace to shift a tooth out toward my cheek.

    All other dental issues are perfect, no perio problems.

    Thank you,

    Larry Brown.
    67 years

    1. Hi Larry, moving one or two teeth toward the cheek may be possible. It would most likely take a lot more than a single set of Invisalign trays. The main issue to consider is that you wouldn’t be able to wear the same “clip-in tooth” again after braces. If you make a new “clip-in tooth”, your teeth will just shift back again towards your tongue. You will need something that can stabilize the teeth after, which may be an implant or a bridge. Please discuss the options with your dentist first.

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